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The Staff

O’Leary-Burke Civil Associates (OBCA) has an experienced staff dedicated to providing the highest level of service in the industry. The Staff includes another licensed professional engineer, two licensed land surveyors, two licensed engineering interns.

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Joseph Flynn, L.S. joined the firm in 2003. Joe is licensed in the states of Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine and has been involved in land development for Civil Engineering Companies for 34 years. Joe brings prior experience from Krebs and Lansing Consulting Engineers and DuBois & King. Joe is responsible for all aspects of surveying for OBCA. Training of staff, QA/QC for all surveying projects, review of project costs, compilation of survey proposals and tracking of all currently active survey projects. Joe serves on the Vermont Board of Land Surveyors, NCEES subject matter expert for the national exams and is a member of the Vermont Society of Land Surveyors and New Hampshire Land Surveyors Association.
Seth Kittredge, L.S. joined the firm in 2012. He works part time to assist primarily with boundary surveys at OBCA. Seth brings a commonsense approach and has extensive surveying experience throughout the State of Vermont. Seth serves as a member of the Vermont Board of Land Surveyors.
Shawn Cunningham, E.I. joined the firm in 2016. He has managed several commercial and residential projects in the State through the design, permitting and construction process. Shawn shows his strong communication skills in the great working relationships he has developed with various local municipalities throughout the State of Vermont.
Jacob Wechsler, E.I. joined the firm in 2021 after graduating from Roger Williams University in Rhode Island with a degree in Civil Engineering. Jacob passed the Fundamentals of Engineering exam shortly after joining and continues to strengthen his surveying and design skills through practical experiences.
Dan Heil, P.E. joined the firm in 2014 after working as a Civil Project Manager for a land development company based out of northern Virginia. He has been involved in a variety of successful commercial, residential and mixed-use projects of all sizes and has developed a great working relationship with local jurisdictions throughout Vermont. He has a strong background in permitting and stormwater management, specifically in green stormwater infrastructure. Dan works directly with the client guiding them through the conceptual, permitting and construction process to deliver a high quality product.
Graham Tidman, E.I. joined the firm in 2015. Graham passed the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam in January of 2021. He is also a Class BW Licensed Designer which qualifies him to design and certify various types of on-site sewage disposal and water supply systems. Graham has great leadership skills and has worked with David Burke as his mentor to become well known in the industry of on-site water and wastewater design and permitting.
Ryan Morse, E.I. joined the firm in 2020 after graduating from UVM and working as a summer intern in 2019. He has developed great understanding of surveying and construction support for the firm. Ryan is a hard-working individual that prides himself on getting jobs done.
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